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annabelle ([personal profile] deerlings) wrote2017-07-29 03:26 am
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  • a little over a week until my birthday celebration! so so so excited gosh
  • gonna go into my physio appointment all by myself this week, which sounds silly but is a big deal for me! I've had real problems with every other physiotherapist I've had in the past, and I find appointments generally very overwhelming, but my current PT is so magnificent that I feel super comfortable and confident with her to the point where I'm ready to go in alone!
  • I'm also going to the cinema all by myself for the first time in a couple of weeks! another exciting thing :D like, I used to be very independent before my health got super bad, travelling around to see friends and such, and this is a small step in reclaiming that independence, it feels really good!
  • stomach's being weird again/still, what else is new there really
  • SNSD's 10th anniversary comeback is soon and every teaser I've seen so far I've adored so much, I'm gonna cry at some point over this, I can feel it ;u; I hope I have enough money spare that I can buy a copy of the album!
  • new stim toys arrive monday!!!!!!!! yes! (although what the actual fuck at £15 customs fees, including £8 handling fee, what is this extortionate capitalist bullshit, fuck off with that)

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