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annabelle ([personal profile] deerlings) wrote2017-07-08 09:15 pm
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  • my gastroparesis is flaring up again, but not in a violent-nausea kind of way, more of a I-have-no-appetite-let-me-just-live-off-smoothies kind of way
  • one of my dear friends got married today! because she lives far away,  I got to watch it livestreamed, it was so beautiful!
  • I got my new glasses today! same frames, but new lenses. everything is so much clearer! plus they give you prescription cards now!
  • I really love having a Kindle, it makes reading so much easier on my wonky arms/wrists/hands/body (my Kindle's name is Kindle of Convenience, because it's convenient and the Kings of Convenience are one of my favourite bands ♥)