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annabelle ([personal profile] deerlings) wrote2017-09-15 03:33 am
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  • had fun time at Arthur's uni house celebrating his birthday in late August!
  • I won first prize in a microfic specfic competition about bees in August too ✌️
  • currently attempting to write enough poems to submit for a poetry competition and I don't think I'll get it all done in time but I am gonna try anyway because it's fun and I'm enjoying the process all the same
  • enjoying the cooler weather! not enjoying the Raynaud's attacks and joint pain it's bringing
  • Dad had his big surgery yesterday and is coming home tomorrow!
  • very excited about the news about the new Arashi album! I like the title of it, very minimal!
  • speaking of: happy 18th birthday, Arashi!! 🎉✨ I am so happy to have your joy in my life, it's made my life happier too!
  • EXID are making a comeback in October! Solji will be involved but won't promote, which is good!! she's still a part of it, but won't damage her health!
  • I have ordered a bunch of cute dice off Etsy, and a cute dice bag for them all to go in! (impatiently waits for it all to arrive!!!!)

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